QZH: Abattoir during construction
Qinghai Zhong He Meat Products Co.

Qinghai Sanjiang A Power Agriculture Co., Ltd. (SJAP) formed Qinghai Zhong He Meat Products Co., Limited (“QZH”) , with SJAP owning 100% equity interest. As of September 30, 2015, SJAP’s total investment in QZH was $487,805.

This photo from the abattoir was taken in December 2013. Clicking on it leads to a Facebook album in which the last few photos are also from QZH. You also may wish to view photos taken in 2013 during the construction of the abattoir, now part of QZH.

SJAP is sole stockholder of QZH, and SJAP appointed sole director of QZH. Consequently, the Company indirectly control directorship of QZH, such that the Company now has a majority interest in the directorship of QZH. Also, and in accordance with the Company’s Sino-Foreign Joint Venture agreement, SIAF's management appointed the Chief Financial Officer of QZH. As a result, the financial statements of QZH are included in the consolidated financial statements of the Company.

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