ZSAPP: Prawn Farm 2
Tri-way Industries: Aquafarm 3

Aquafarm 3 (AF3), also known as “The Hatchery,” was acquired by Tri-way Industries, Ltd. as part of SIAF's carve-out of aquaculture operations.

Formerly known (informally) as Prawn Farm 2 or PF2 or ZSAPP, Aquafarm 3 has generated income for SIAF since May 2012. Prior to the carve-out, PF2 produced and sold prawn fingerings to third parties and to other SIAF aquafarms. Capital Award earned a commission for these sales. Also CA purchased mature prawns and fish from PF2 and resold to wholesale markets. Since the carve-out, Tri-way has assumed responsibility for all marketing, sales, and resales.

Construction of facilities was phased from 2012 through 2017.  The first three phases resulted in production capacities of 3.2 billion postlarvae and 1,200 metric tons of prawns.  Subsequent and ongoing construction targets production capacity of 5.0 billion postlarvae.

Also, as of mid 2017, open dam ponds are being converted to 3rd generation Open Dam Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (“ODRAS”), an adaptation of the Company’s indoor tank APRAS technology.

AF3 News

Please view our update from July 2017:


Phase 1 development work on the prawn hatchery and nursery farm, was completed in May 2012. Photos from a visit in September 2012 are available.

In Phase 2, we completed facilities for the production of prawns, brood stock, and associated expansion activities in June 2013. Production of prawns started from August 2013. Please view a field report from our 2013 Investor Tour

Photos from a visit in March 2015 provide a status update from March 2014 until March 2015, showing that the following Aquafarm 3 construction and improvement milestones were completed:

  1. approximately 120 indoor tanks in production
  2. outdoor covered RAS dams for the hatchery
  3. put the Phase II & III covered RAS dams into broodstock production
  4. its covered water storage and filtration ponds

In addition, AF3:

  • joined an R&D Cooperative with a university in Zhongshan
  • partnered with the China Fresh Water R&D Center

Thirty (30) Mu (equivalent to five acres) of land has been converted to an indoor APRAS farm, designed with the capacity to grow up to 1,200 MT of prawns per year. Construction work, started during Q1 2014, is complete.


Prior to the TW carve-out, Zhongshan A Power Prawn Culture Farms Development Co., Ltd. (ZSAPP) was the intended name of the future Sino-Foreign Joint Venture company ("SFJV"), subject to approval by Chinese authorities under our application for SFJV status, established to own and operate Aquafarm 3. The Company had pre-paid $5,558,057 toward the consideration of its future SFJV toward the assets of the fully developed farm, equivalent to just under 20% equity interest of the future SFJV. AF3 has been generating revenue since May 2012. Before the carve-out, ZSAPP’s financial statements were not consolidated with SIAF's. Up until the carve-out, Capital Award acted as AF3’s sole marketing agent. Since the carve-out, Tri-way Industries, Ltd. conducts sales and marketing activities for Aquafarm 3.

AF3 has successfully produced Giant River Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) fingerlings from the 5,000 pieces of breeding stock that were imported from Southeast Asian countries. The reproduction of the Giant River Prawn fingerlings has become consistent; consequently, during the third quarter of 2013, ZSAPP sold over 100 million Giant River Prawn fingerlings at an average of RMB460 / 10,000 fingerling, plus 258 million Whiteleg Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei, also known as Pacific White Shrimp) fingerlings at an average of RMB165 / 10,000 fingerling. During the past two years, our research confirmed that the demand and prices of the Giant River Prawns in the local domestic markets were high (at between RMB450 to 550/10,000 fries in 2012) because supplies of quality Giant River Prawn fingerlings is competitively low. This compared to Pacific White Shrimp (price averaged between RMB150 to 170/10,000 fries in 2012), which suffered from problems of inbreeding and disease. As such, we expect high demand for our Giant River Prawn fries by the regional prawn growers, as they will be the offspring from our second generation breeding stock, that is free from disease and inbreeding problems. As of the last week of September 2013, we imported an additional 5,000 breeding-stock prawns from South East Asian countries in an effort to continue improving our offspring culture.

Photos and updates about AF3's facilities, prawns, and prawn fries are occasionally posted on our Facebook page.

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