SDC shop at Shanghai Wholesale Center
Shanghai Distribution Center

Construction of our Shanghai Distribution Center (SDC) is complete, and the SDC has been operational since June 2015. Facilities include two offices, one for meat (Shanghai Vigour Trading Limited) and one for seafood (Shanghai Coral Seafood Limited). To feature our products, there is a 500 square meter display showroom inside.

Front of the building that houses seafood and meat distribution centers.

The parking area holds up to three 40-foot container trucks and 20 cars.

Sign in the parking lot for both companies; also for "SIAF."

Executive office area

A conference room in the Shanghai Coral Seafood offices.

Administration and clerical workstations.

To capture a niche in the Shanghai market for fresh chilled meat, the Distribution Center has installed advanced static electricity technology refrigeration units that defrost and facilitate aging of meat. These units rapidly freeze meat and seafood as well. Collectively, the distribution center will have the refrigeration capacity to handle up to 200 metric tons at a time.

Additionally, the Shanghai Distribution Center facilities include:

  • Packaging area of up to 500 square meters
  • Staff quarters to house up to 20 workers
  • Staff kitchen with capacity to handle 40 workers at one time


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