Mangkhut Typhoon Damage Assessment

Typhoon Mangkhut was the strongest hurricane to strike Hong Kong and China’s Pearl River Delta since 1983. As of September 23, 102 fatalities have been attributed to Mangkhut, mainly in the Philippines. 

Based on our preliminary assessment, overall losses for Sino Agro Food are likely to be capped under USD 1M. Repairs of buildings and infrastructure will account for about 80% with the remaining 20% arising from loss of product, mainly broodstock and HU fruits and vegetables. The typhoon will not have a more than minimal adverse effect on overall production in Q4 2018 or beyond, with the exception of the HU plantation. 

Damage Assessment

1. Enping AF1

  • Two large gates blown down
  • Landscape remediation needed
  • No stock lost

2. Enping AF2 

  • Half of the roof and structure of the indoor grow-out farm suffered damages 
  • Repairs are ongoing since last week
    • No damage to power or water supply
  • Minor damages to a few other small buildings
  • Landscape clean up required
  • No stock lost

3. Zhongshan AF3 (A)

  • Two nursery buildings suffered some structural damages that is being repaired currently
  • Clean up work required
  • No stock lost                             

4. Zhongshan AF3 (B)

  • Only minor damage to buildings 
  • No stock lost

5. Zhongshan AF4 /5 

  •  Lost over 10 MT of stock while saving over 15 MT
  • The biggest loss was approximately 4,000 (fish) brood stock due to loss of power (both town supply and standby supply) for almost two days
  • The generator room was severely impacted by flooding, damaging all generators 
  • Over 1,000 MU of land flooded, killing 150 MU of Dragon fruits plants and 200 MU of papaya trees)

6. HU Plantation Enping

  • The staff quarters building (over 1500 m2) was badly damaged
  • A seedling greenhouse was blown away, 
  • Passion fruit greenhouses and plants (over 30 & more Mu) were fully blown away 
  • Almost all fruits trees planted from early this year on 300 MU were flooded and damaged
  • 500 MU of fresh vegetable crops planted for current quarter suffered damage

7. All Others

All other farms in Enping (Cattle farms) and in YangJiang (150 Mu prawn farm) and other contract growers farms (over 1500 Mu collectively) in other Guangdong districts

  •  Minor structural damage
  •  Minimal or no loss of stock


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